Sonarqube projects access restriction

so, i need to know if we can like restrict access of projects to certain users.

So, the thing is i was asked to create a report of the analysis i did through sonarqube.
We are using sonarqube 8.9lts version but then it is a free version.

so, i tried using the cnes report plugin but i am not sure how to proceed.

so i am thinking of creating users and then give them access to only certain projects i have performed analysis to…

Can you guys help?


Hi hari,

What you’re talking about is project permissions. It sounds like you want to make sure that Anyone doesn’t have permissions. If this is a new installation, that’s the default. If you got started with SonarQube before about 8.8(…?) then you’ll want to double-check.

Then yes, you can create user accounts in SonarQube and grant those users Browse (view) rights to specific projects. As your organization progresses with SonarQube, you’ll probably want to delegate authentication, but that’s for later.