Sonarqube project dashboard - what is the meaning of the animated box?


(Steve Parker) #1

In the SonarQube 6.4 (really old) web GUI, on the “projects list dashboard”, what is the meaning of an empty box with a “animated racing border” mean. I’ve looked through the documentation, and can’t find the answer to that question.

In our case, all of the animated borders surround “empty” stats for one of our projects with a “last analysis” date that is always VERY old. Is it just an indicator of a project that hasn’t been scanned in a while? If so, what is the definition of “a while”?



(Julien Lancelot) #2

Hi Steve,

As you said, SonarQube 6.4 is old, so it’s hard to guess what you’re talking about :slight_smile:
Could you please share some screenshots ?

BTW, you might also consider to upgrade to latest 6.7 LTS.

Julien Lancelot

(G Ann Campbell) #3

Hi Steve,

As Julien said, that version’s old, and it’s hard to remember back that far, but I think you might be looking at a loading indicator on what we call the “project card”, i.e. the wide rectangle on the right side of the page which doesn’t yet have the information for the project it’s supposed to display.


(Steve Parker) #4

Here’s an animated GIF showing the blue line that races around a box over and over again.


Given that the dates are 5+ years ago, I’m assuming we should just delete them…

(G Ann Campbell) #5


So yes, that’s a loading indicator. I’m assuming you’re getting an inifi-load here and IIRC that is because the project hasn’t been analyzed since the upgrade. Because there hasn’t been a new analysis there’s a metric missing and the interface is keying off that metric to know the data has been delivered and it’s time to render. So yes, you should either analyze these projects or delete them.

Or… ahem upgrade :smile: because I believe subsequent versions fixed that UI glitch.