Sonarqube overall code coverage report

We are using 9.2 datacenter version of sonarqube.
We need overall code coverage report as pdf but currently we are getting new code coverage report .
we tried to explore webapi but couldnt fing relevant api

Hi @Rajeswari_Badeti
As you are using SonarQube Data Center Edition, you have full access to our Service desk team, to help you find the best value out of SonarQube.
I would recommend you to open a ticket there. If you don’t know how to use our Service Desk, please reach out to your Sales Rep, so he/she can help you there.

That being said, PDF report on Project level is only based on New Code, according to the Clean As You Code philosophy of SonarQube.
I let you check with the support team if any API can help you there.