Sonarqube not working on Dev Branch

While trying to configure Bitnami Sonarqube in Azure Devops for my Dev branch Build Pipeline i get the attached error. Kindly help.

Hello @magesh.nagamani,

As the error is indicating, branch analysis is a feature only available in commercial editions of SonarQube. You may consider purchasing our Developer Edition, or alternatively analyze using the free Community Edition but with omission of the branch parameter. However this approach will not likely interact well with multi-branch pipelines within Azure DevOps.

Hope this helps,

Thank You very Much. I tried finding the option to omit or change branch parameter but did not succeed. Can you please help in finding that option in Server Settings which would help me by saving time.

Can you confirm: are you trying to utilize our Azure DevOps extension’s tasks in your pipeline?

Yes, We are using sonarqube extension for Azure devops from market place. And we are using Bitnami Image for Sonar Vm setup and hosting.


Unfortunately there’s no current way to make branch analysis involving our extension compatible with the SonarQube Community Edition. You’d need to either upgrade to the Developer Edition, or avoid using the extension and analyze manually from within your pipeline.

Check out this topic: Error: To use the property "" and analyze branches

There are a few solutions; there is a community plugin that will fix this issue, you can create a custom build task in Azure, or you can use command line tasks to workaround.

I switch to command line tasks to run the Sonar scan while researching then implementing the community plugin.