SonarQube job is failing while building a pipeline job

SonarQube version : 7.1
Jenkins Version : 2.222.3
Java :

While building a job shwoing below error
“Error hudson.AbortException: SonarQube installation defined in this job (My SonarQube Server) does not match any configured installation. Number of installations that can be configured: 1.”

jenkins - > Configuration Details added token details .
username as = SampleSonarqube
Password = sonarqube generated token Number

jenkins - > Global configuration details - Default Sonarqube scanner version is 4.3.0

Everything configured locally. Unfortunatly i am unable to upload any images.
Jenkins = http://localhost:8080/
Sonarqube = http://localhost:9005/ (Changed port number, its up and running)

Hi All,
Could you please help on above issue.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


First, just FYI this community is peopled by folks who drop in in their idle hours to see if they can help. Getting an answer in a day is pretty good. :smiley:

Second, without seeing your pipeline code, it’s difficult to know but it seems that it specifies the name of a SonarQube profile that doesn’t wasn’t actually configured in Jenkins’ global administration.