SonarQube issue status dropdown not showing

Hello Sonar Experts,

I need your help in changing the status of Issue status.
I ran SonarQube analysis on my c# project and in the analysis report, I want to change the status of one of the issues as won’t fix. But I can not see the issue status dropdown. It only shows “Open” status and dropdown next to it is not showing.

I can see the dropdown for other projects but not for this one.

I am using SonarQube 8.2.
Any help is appreciated.


It sounds like this issue was raised by a 3rd-party tool and imported into SonarQube…? If so, you’ll need to manage its status and lifecycle external to SonarQube as well.

If my guess is wrong, could you provide a screenshot of the issue, please?


Hello Ann,

Thanks for your reply. I used Azure devops pipeline and use the Sonar “run analysis” task to execute the analysis. Same tasks have been used for other projects also. Status drop down appears for all other project except this one.
I am attaching the screen shot for the issue.


The ROSLYN label in your screenshot tells me this issue was raised by a 3rd-party analyzer and imported automatically as part of your analysis. You’ll need to manage it via that analyzer’s settings. Alternately, you can simply turn off that import. The section on importing .NET issues at the bottom of this docs page talks about that.