SonarQube is loading too slow after changing the DNS in Linux Server

Hi Folks,

Problem Statement: Loading the projects in Sonar homepage is taking long time after changing the DNS in our Linux server.
Steps followed:
Added the new DNS details in 4 files in Linux, i.e. dhclient.conf, ifcfg-eth1, dhclient.conf and resolve.conf
Expected: All / Favorite projects should load without any delay
Actual: I guess, Sonar is trying to access the old DNS which is not available and then searching for the new DNS which takes time to load the project.

Is there any other location that I need to update the new DNS or what could be the reason for project loading slowness?
We are using SonarQube version “sonar-application-”

Experts, please provide the solution for this issue.

Ravi R

Hi @Ravir ,

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SonarQube relies on the DNS capabilities of the host/host network. There are no settings within the product that would need to be modified. I recommend you work with your network administrators to resolve the issue.


Thanks for your reply Brian

I have replaced the new DNS in /opt/sonarqube/conf/ file.
Please find the change below,
ldap.server1.url=ldap://IP Address

Also, I have updated the below files with new DNS IP in Linux Server,

Please let me know where SonarQube is referring the DNS to load the project.

Ravi R