Sonarqube integration with ADO & repository Status Checks


  • SonarQube extension is installed in Azure DevOps, version 4.21.0.

  • SonarQube service and resources are running in Project A.

  • Project A repository policies are configured with a Status Check; SonarQube/quality gate, only allowing a succeeded status to complete a pull request.


  • Project B is in the same Organization as Project A.

  • Pipelines in Project B are successfully using the SonarQube service running in Project A (an existing Service Connection)


  • Is it possible to configure repositories in Project B with the same SonarQube/quality gate Status Check?

  • Does Project B need a Service Connection to the SonarQube service URL?

  • I have undertaken some preliminary testing; I see the SonarQube/quality gate on a PR in Project B, but the status remains stuck at waiting.

  • Is there cross-project support for the SonarQube/quality gate Status Check?

  • Are there project only restrictions for the SonarQube/quality gate Status Check?

Screenshot 2021-08-24 at 16.25.24

Screenshot 2021-08-24 at 16.42.34

Hey there.

  • No problem having a Service connection shared between repos. In fact, that’s probably expected.
  • The SonarQube/quality gate relies on a successfull Pull Request Analysis of Project B (seing Pull Request results in the SonarQube dashboard) as well as successfull Pull Request Decoration (SonarQube results, specifically new issues showing up in the PR). Are these things happening, independent of the SonarQube/quality gate check?