Sonarqube icon not found in PR Decoration in Bitbucket cloud

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SonarQube Enterprise Edition Version 9.5 (build 56709)
Scanner version

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default setup. The issue is in the Bitbucket Cloud report from Sonarqube.

looks like the icon is not available at the url specified

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Hi @maco,

Thanks for the report. Indeed, this is something we should fix. I’ve opened a ticket here: [SONAR-16639] SonarQube icon not found Bitbucket Cloud report - SonarSource

We’ll try and fix this for the upcoming 9.6 release.

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And this is also now fixed for v9.5 (and v8.9 LTS) because we got the image uploaded. In v9.6 we’ll stop referring to an external asset and make sure the referenced asset is hosted on your own SonarQube instance.

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