SonarQube helm chart support for gcp cloud sql

I read there is support for aws database. Is there support for gcp cloud sql on sonarqube helm chart?? I’m currently using this one: helm-chart-sonarqube/charts/sonarqube at master · SonarSource/helm-chart-sonarqube · GitHub


Hey @zacktzeng ,

did you try to set jdbcUrlOverride? in theory you could just set postgresql.enabled to false ,overwrite the jdbc URL and provide the credentials via sonarProperties or env

hope that helps

What should the URL be. Let’s say I create a gcp cloud sql database instance, would I set jdbcUrlOverride to be the self link or connection string?

to the jdbc url of your database, like jdbc:postgresql://host:port/database, like you would without without k8s :man_shrugging:

Hi I tried using the helm terraform provider with sonarqube chart:

resource "helm_release" "sonarqube_chart_postgres" {
  name = "sonard"
  chart = var.sonarqube_chart_dir
  namespace = var.namespace
  timeout = 600
  set {
    name = "jdbcUrlOverride"
    value = "jdbc:postgresql://<gcp database instance ip address>:5432/sonar"
  set {
    name = "postgresql.enabled"
    value = "false"
  set {
    name = "postgresql.postgresqlUsername"
    value = "sonar"
  set {
    name = "postgresql.postgresqlPassword"
    value = "<password>"

But it gave a
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Fail to connect to database at org.sonar.db.DefaultDatabase.start(

Is there other configuration options I’m missing?

Nah that should be right. what is the complete error message? also can you check the generated configmap?
you could also try to set the credentials as env vars