Sonarqube / Github Actions: Broken Pipe

Hello! I’m having an issue right now with using Github Actions to send my SonarQube analysis to our EC2 where our SonarQube server is.

In my actions, I upload several documents as artifacts, which are then used by the SonarQube analysis: Test coverage reports, linting reports, and a dependency-check report (Dependency Check · Actions · GitHub Marketplace · GitHub).

When I only upload the Test and Linting reports, I have no issues sending the analysis to sonarqube. However, when I also include dependency-check, I then have issues. This leads me to believe it’s an issue of the analysis size. When using dependency-check, non-compressed the analysis is 31 mb, while the compressed is 3 mb. Without dependency-check (only linting and tests), non-compressed is 102 kb, and compressed is 25 kb.

When it fails, the error message I get is:

22:50:38.956 INFO: Analysis report generated in 86ms, dir size=31 MB

48722:50:39.433 INFO: Analysis report compressed in 477ms, zip size=3 MB

48822:50:39.434 INFO: Analysis report generated in /github/workspace/.scannerwork/scanner-report

48922:50:39.434 DEBUG: Upload report

490[ Broken pipe (Write failed), Broken pipe (Write failed)]

49122:50:40.579 DEBUG: eslint-bridge server will shutdown

49222:50:45.833 DEBUG: stylelint-bridge server will shutdown

49322:50:50.849 INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------


49522:50:50.850 INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------

49622:50:50.851 INFO: Total time: 40.230s

49722:50:50.997 INFO: Final Memory: 72M/240M

49822:50:50.998 INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------

49922:50:50.998 ERROR: Error during SonarScanner execution

500java.lang.IllegalStateException: Fail to request url: ***/api/ce/submit?projectKey=sonar-source-test

I can post more of the log if that would be helpful. Anyone have any insight into what’s wrong? Thanks!

Hey there.

It’s not uncommon to see upload file sizes limited by a proxy sitting in front of the SonarQube server, for example Nginx has a default of 1M. Maybe that’s a good place to start looking.


You’re correct – the issue was the Nginx file size limit. Thank you!


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