SonarQube Exit Code 143 Connecting to Aurora 12.12

  • SonarQube Version
  • Developer Edition
  • Trying to connect to aurora 12.12 post-upgrade from 12.11
  • Verified user credentials and password are valid, ensured database permissions are able to select rule mapping
  • Verified that aurora postgres is returning this error: :ss_sonarqube@sonarqube:[32258]:LOG: SSL error: DATA_LENGTH_TOO_LONG
  • Running JDK 11.0.1, Postgres JAR 42.5.1
  • Attaching Logs - we are seeing sonarqube get kicked out to SSL errors when nothing with the JDK, wrapper.conf, or file changed. Assuming with Aurora upgrading, there’s an SSL termination issue on the SonarQube instance connecting. We need to know if we need to upgrade our JDK, Postgres JAR, to handle this.

web.log (41.2 KB)
sonar.log (7.2 KB)

Correction: upgraded from 12.8 → 12.12.

Upgrading JDK 11.0.1 to 11.0.17 fixed the SSL issue, don’t know why.

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