Sonarqube Enterprise Edition : Issue with multiple compute engine worker node


we are using Azure DevOps for the scan and we purchased enterprise edition license for 5M LOC, Challenge which we are facing is that we have enabled 4 worker node but when we are running builds for a same project which takes 5 min for scan in parallel it goes in sequence mode. Where as rest three worker node is used only for seperate projects … So our requirement is to scan multiple branches for a project parallel on worker nodes.
So scenario is
Project 1 is taking 5 mins for sonarqube analysis
Project 2 takes 3 mins for sonarqube scan
5 scans are running in parallel for Project 1
3 for Project 2

Sonarqube has 4 worker nodes
1st node - Project 1 (1 running 4 in pending)
2nd node - project 2 (1 running 2 in pending)
3rd node - idle
4th node -idle

Please help to configure so that we can run Project 1 on idle nodes as well. As our builds are timing out.

thanks in advance for all help and please let me know for any further clarification.

Ankit Gupta.

Hi Ankit,

In fact, this just isn’t going to work for you. There’s a safeguard in the Compute Engine to not process two tasks from the same project at the same time in order to avoid race conditions updating the project. That shouldn’t apply to distinct branches, but it does. I believe there’s a ticket in the backlog for this, but my Jira-fu is weak at the moment. I’ll ping internally to make sure that if there isn’t one, then it gets added.


MMF-1543 :slight_smile:

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