Sonarqube edition for multiple branch analysis


I’m trying to get best edition for multiple branch background analysis. I’m using sonarqube developer edition and my project has multiple release branches. After sonarqube analysis the background analysis are in queue for remaining branch analysis. Assume like multiple developers commit same time at their feature branch and when it comes first branch background analysis but remaining are waiting untill the back-ground analysis is complete.
For each background analysis it is taking 7 mins since my project has multiple modules.

If I upgrade to Enterprise edition, how many max workerscount is possible?
Any solution for my multiple branch analysis project?



I think this doc answers your questions about worker count as well as they can be answered:

Regarding parallel analysis of multiple branches of the same project, I think there is still an (admittedly outdated) brake in place to prevent that.


Hi @ganncamp,

Can you please explain again this means?

and I’m looking for the best way to do parallel analysis of multiple branches of the same project.


On the scanner side this is possible. However, once the scanners have run and submitted their reports to SonarQube, background task processing will be serial, not parallel, no matter how many workers you have.


Is there anyway with any of the sonarqube edition, parallel analysis possible for the multiple branches in same project or for different project?

That means, can sonarqube process two background tasks in parallel?


This is actually two different questions.


No. You can parallel process background tasks from two different projects at one time, but not two from the same project - even if they are from different branches - at the same time.

I hope this also resolves the question (the same one as far as I can tell) you added to this other thread.


Thanks Ann.

I can see backlog task for parallel analysis with in same project.
Developers are facing some timing challenges. I hope will come with an update as soon as possible.