Sonarqube + dependency-check plugin for dotnet

Hello, I am use Sonarqube EE 8.4.2 with Dependency-Check plugin v 2.0.6
SonarQube parse json-report. But in logs for dotnet-project i see such info warning:
“INFO: No project configuration file, e.g. pom.xml, .gradle,.gradle.kts,package-lock.json found, therefore it isn’t possible to correctly link dependencies in file”.
And then:
“INFO: Linking 41 dependencies”
Can you tell me, please, what does it mean for dotnet-project and does it affect to work with vulnerable dependencies in sonar? As i see, sonar linking dependencies and create vulnerability in project page.

Hello @gladkovslava

This plugin (GitHub - dependency-check/dependency-check-sonar-plugin: Integrates Dependency-Check reports into SonarQube) is not developed by SonarSource. We advise you to contact the plugin maintainers.