SonarQube DCE: individual memory settings for sonarqube-app processes


Must-share information (formatted with Markdown):

  • SonarQube DCE 9.9
  • Helm
  • increase the memory settings
  • increased the pod’s memory limit setting

We initially had deployed the DCE sonarqube-app container using its memory limit default setting of 4Gi, and increased it to 6Gi because of OOME when analysing large scan files. Turns out 6 Gi is still not enough, but i’m reluctant to increase it further, because only 1/3rd of the actual increase is in the end available to the CE process itself.

Reason is that within the pod there are 3 processes, and they are sharing the pod’s memory:


So even if I increase the memory limit to 8 Gi, the CE server would only get something like 2-2.5 GB from it. From our previous installation it seems we will need 6 GB for the CE server.

I would like to increase the CE server memory, but not the other ones, because I think would be a waste of resources.

For webserver there would be the option to specify something like -Xmx in jvmOpts, and for ceserver, there would be jvmCeOpts.

But how do I specify it for the sonar-application itself, ideally via the helm values.yaml?

Hey there.

If you have access to SonarQube’s Data Center Edition (and you’re involved in deploying it), you certainly have access to Sonar’s Commercial Support. They’re best equipped to help you with your Data Center Edition deployment.