SonarQube Datacenter edition

I want to setup Sonarqube datacenter edition as High availability for my organization.
SonarQube Version: 8.6 LTS
Can I get the minimum hardware recommendation for Servers to be used and Database.

I have already gone through official documentation but didn’t find anything for Database Hardware.

Also I want to setup DR site in different region than production.

What steps will be required to switch to DR and how can I do configurations and data replications to DR setup and what components will be required to replicate.
We also want to integrate it with Github actions , so do we need to setup sonar scanner for same or we can use inbuilt GitHub action for same.
Appreciate any help.

Hi Mayank, welcome to the SonarSource Community!

All the requirements we document are listed here. You can follow the link to the database requirements, which gives you an idea of the system needs but doesn’t go to the level of detail of telling you what exact kind of server to procure; we’d suggest you consult with your DBA and base your decision on the performance of your existing SonarQube database, if you’re already operating one.

Are you currently running another SonarQube commercial edition? If so, we’d recommend you reach out to your SonarSource sales representative to express your interest in Data Center Edition; they’ll be happy to work with you on a trial evaluation and connect you with a member of our Consulting team for more in-depth assistance. If you’re not currently running any commercial edition or don’t know who your rep is, reply here and I’ll be sure someone gets in touch with you.