SonarQube Coverage of one project separated for each language

SonrQube info:

  • Enterprise EditionVersion 9.2.4 (build 50792)

Hi SonarSource community,
please suggest/advise how to display coverage of 1 project in 2 graphs/statistics on 1 SonarQube board: one for Java files and the other for JavaScript/TypeScript?

We would need to separate these 2 languages in coverage, but have an overview of the development on one bulletin board. (Either using filters, Portfolios or other solutions). We use Enterprice edition.

Thank you very much for any advice

Hi Petra,

To get separate coverage reporting, you’re going to need to analyze your code into multiple SonarQube projects, one for each language. Then to stitch it all back together, you’ll need an Application, which is available starting in Developer Edition($). (Yes, you’ve already got this in your Enterprise Edition. Just adding the details for others who find this thread.)


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Hi Ann,
Thank you very much for the hint, everything works also for the branch, it just be need to set in Branches & Pull Requests → Keep when inactive .


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