Sonarqube configuration to get code coverage report for codebase available on a remote server

Hi All,

  • We are using SonarQube version 7.7 developer edition.
  • We are trying to get code coverage report using SonarQube, Jacoco plugin and Apache Ant build tool. We are running Sonarqube in a virtual machile (VM) and we have the code base of our product in a different VM. We want to configure Sonarqube to use the code base in the VM and perform the analysis on the code base, run unit tests for code coverage and generate the report of the same.
    Basically, I am expecting something like this:
    While configuring the build.xml (for sanarqube target to work with ant) to add analysis parameter for sonarqube, I want the property <property name="sonar.sources" value="......" /> to have value as the ip address of the VM containing the source code and work as if the value is the path on the same VM where sonarqube is installed.
    *I am yet to try anything to achieve this as there as I couldn’t find any resource that would help me in achieving the above.

Please let me know if this is achievable in Sonarqube with Ant and Jococo for code code-coverage.
Please let me know if you need some more information on what I am trying to achieve.

Binay Paul

Hi Binay,

That’s just not how it works. Source code needs to be available in the directory from which analysis is launched. Under extraordinary circumstances you might need to point to a different directory on the same server, but you cannot point across the internet.