SonarQube Commercial Edition & Bitbucket

Hi Community
I’d like to know how the SonarQube commercial edition integrate with Bitbucket environment and analyze branches and Pull Requests so team could resolve issues before merge to master.
Is it necessary to activate some connectors? I come to this community from here
But it is not very clear, however for those who have the community edition how is it possible to have this feature?
Thanks in advance


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Does the BitBucket section here in the docs help?


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Thanks @ganncamp

Can I ask another question? Even if could be off topic.
In the documentation I have not found if the various editions of SonarQube assigned different levels of support e.g: Developer or Enterprise ensure a certain level of direct support in case of problems?



You can always ask another question. :kissing_heart:

Altho sometimes you’ll be directed to ask it in a new thread.

This one’s not too far off this topic though, so even though I probably should ask you to start a new thread…

There are 2 levels of support: Commercial support, which is bundled into Enterprise Edition at a certain LOC level, and available for purchase with commercial editions below that level. And there’s this community.