SonarQube Build-Wrapper for c/c++ with Scons.bat build wrapper

Condition to consider :

  1. Use Scons.bat python wrapper pass the scons.bat to to build-wrapper for c/c++ embedded program analysis as a build file.

  2. While every build deletes all old directories/folders used for build and checkouts the code and executes the build through scons.bat - simulating the clean option similar to make clean all but by programmatically deleting the folder and creating fresh with source code and other files for build requirement.

  3. 8.9 version of Sonarqube is used and the build-wrapper was download from the document linked to this version path.

  4. With this approach the build takes a long time more than 9 minutes, while without build-wrapper but with just scons.bat it just takes 12 minutes to build an embedded c/c++ code.

Questions to understand-

  1. Is there a need to do a clean build if the build is attempted with a new folder/path/ fresh path.

  2. build-wrapper.log and the build-wrapper-dump.json files are created but with 0 byte -empty.

  3. Why is sonar-build-wrapper taking 70+ minutes more for the same code when it is involved, How do i reduce it.

SonarQube Version 8.9 no additional plugins related to build requirement.

Hey there.

What is the actual compiler that scons.bat is calling?

Scons calls C

The time it takes after upgrade to latest LTS is addional hour - 8.9.10
I guess this is a common issue for c/c++ IAR compiler

Looks with Scons wrapper SonarQube has underperformance with IAR build and also the json file does not contain much of information.

It looks like something has changed, if the build wrapper file is now containing information.

What changed?