Sonarqube azure AD plugin automation


i’ve installed a third party plugin ( Azure Active Directory (AAD) Authentication Plug-in for SonarQube).
When i configure the plugin on the web interface, everything works.
I would like to automate the configuration of the plugin (by adding the attributes to /opt/sonarqube/conf/ file) but it seems that they’re ignored…

Is it even possible to automate the configuration of an external plugin ?

Thank you and have a nice day,


Hi Mohamed,

Only the values that you find already included in the server config file* will be recognized.



*Okay there are a few parameters where you can copy the key from the UI and successfully set the value in the config file. But
a) it’s a bug we have plans to fix
b) it doesn’t work like you expect; the value picked up from the config file isn’t reflected in the UI

Hi Ann,

Thank you for the reply.
So, if ii understand it well, it is not possible to do that, right ?

Thank you and have a nice day,


Correct. Not possible.