SonarQube API and Power BI Tabulation

Hi Community, quick question, the sonar api works well with Power BI for data tabulation, there a data cap though, we are to pull total issues but the cap is 500 limit, is there anyway / approach we can use to increase this?
Here’s an example of the api data cap. api/issues/search?componentKeys=MyApp&ps=-1&p=1


Hi @crispin,

the page size (the ps parameter) has a max of 500, so you would have to go to the next page (the p parameter) for the next 500 entries

hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response, is there anyway we can pull without caps, for instance a single URL? (without any next page p parameter)

An example , api/issues/search?componentKeys=MyApp&ps=-1&p=1 (-1 means unlimited or infinite)

The scenario would be from


to the scenario below,


Hi @crispin ,

no. for performance reasons this is a hardcoded max value

Hi Crespo, I’m working on a similar project, I’m also trying to get data from sonarqube to Power Bi but I haven’t been able to connect them both, is it there any chance you can help me? I want to know what approach did you use. That’d help me a lot, thanks.