SonarQube analysis report is not available in TFS 2015

SQ Enterprise Edition 8.1
TFS - 2015

Problem Statement-

The dev baseline issues are recorded, tracked and reflected in reports, however the issues caused the build failure are not recorded and reflected in any reports.

Every time the SonarQube gated check-in build failed in TFS, SonarQube tracks the only gate failure dates and not the reason behind gate failure.

There is no way to find out how many bugs prevented by using SonarQube, Off course when the build fails there is certain number of issues causing that failure.

But once the issues fixed and build passes again; to check back, those issues are not available anywhere, nor TFS neither SonarQube have that level of trace available.

What we are looking for -

Reports on SonarQube issues which caused the build failure (ultimately which developer fixed and got prevented from getting into code base)

There is no way to export the activity reports & build failure reports with proper drill down, to showcase the business value add at organization level.

Help Required-

We need each & every details a kind of drill down report to SonarQube, The report should have details about number of issues prevented.

For example – SonarQube gate found 10 Blockers and 20 Criticals, eventually failed the particular TFS build

Is there any report that talk about details of each of 10 blockers and measures they fall in.

Also give details about past failures for particular project and total number of issues prevented in said range of dates.


Welcome to the community!

Subject to Housekeeping, your analyses are retained and available on the project Activity page. For each analysis you can see all Events. A change in the QG status is a type of event, and when the change is to failure, the conditions that are failing are recorded as well. As an example:

(My cursor doesn’t show in that screenshot, but the failing condition is shown in a mouseover.)

This interface is fed by web services, which you could call manually to get the same data.

Regarding specific issues, Closed issues are retained for 30 days, and then cleaned out at the next subsequent analysis. No specific record is kept of the analysis or date/time that closed an issue.


Thanks a lot Ann…
I would like to know more about the manual web api implementation.
Could you please share some document to kick start it
Web resource that will help us getting the data we are looking for?


There’s a link in the page footer to the embedded Web API documentation. To see what web services are called to feed that page, just turn on your browsers developer tools.