SonarQube Analysis on Azure DevOps repository branch using Azure build pipeline

Hi Experts,

  1. We are using SonarQube Developer Edition Version 9.0.1(build 46107)

  2. We have integrated SonarQube as part of Azure build pipeline to generate SonarQube report on projects build with source code of C/C++

  3. In the Azure build pipeline process, we have three types of branch levels for each project repository - master, develop and local branch

  4. Master branch using for release specific

  5. Develop and local branches using for development specific.

  6. In a collaborative environment develops create their specific local branches to work on their respective tasks and will merge their code changes to develop branch using pull request.

  7. As of now, during pull request we have used azure services in such a way that, generate SonarQube report for local branch before merging it to develop branch. But here we can’t see the new code changes and over all code changes in the SonarQube report under local branch name in the sonarqube server

  8. Now we have a requirement to identify new code changes for local branch at SonarQube level to track the number bugs/code smells etc, before code changes and after code changes of specific local branch. We are working on, how to achieve this requirement.

Could you please help out to achieve the above case


Hello @Gopinath,

You can have a look at Defining New Code and set the option that suits you best.


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