SonarQube analysis history and all related instance account data preservation after free trial ends

Hi guys,

My organization is setting up a free trial plan for SonarQube Developer Edition, but we like to know if after the trial ends we would be able to preserve all related data assets in the account, or if there is a time limit to recover or backup the instance before.

Thank you in advanced for your suupport.


Welcome to the community!

First, you own the database storing your SonarQube information. While SonarQube sets its own schema up the first time you start it, and handles schema changes at upgrade, it will never wipe the schema out. Doing that - or not! - is on you. So the data is yours for as long as you want it. Period. The end. :slight_smile:

And to go slightly further, the only thing that happens when your license expires (or hits the LoC limit) is that new analyses stop working. All other aspects still work just fine, so you can access your analysis results/reports/etc all day long, with no problem. You can even update your configuration. You just can’t run new analyses.


Great, thank you. :smiley: