SonarQube 9.9 incremental scan does not work

Windows 10 10.0 amd64
SonarQube Enterprise

Hi, I have asked 4 days ago how to get the incremental scans to work and SQ 9.9.1 was supposed to do that automatically. I have now enabled Sonar for PRs but it always scans everything. It seemed to work once on the master branch but I don’t know why. It takes about 2 hours every time to scan all 3000 sources.

So a few questions: Sonar says INFO: Found empty chache on server.

  • What does this mean? Is the cache on the SonarQube server or on the computer running the sonar-scanner? Should it hold the already scanned files or the jars it downloads?
  • where is the cache used for the incremental scans?


After upgrade your main branch needs to be analyzed before cacheing can kick in. Has that happened?


I see. Maybe it didn’t after the upgrade - good point - but it will certainly be analyzed tonight. I’ll see then. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Hi again,

yes, that seems to have done it. Scanning the main branch first enables the cache. However, I still have that question: where is the cache? I have changed the build folder and the user that starts the build, and now it is scanning everything all over again. Why is that?

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BTW, the source is still the same and in the same place, just folder in cmake -B folder ... changed. But I cannot find any cache in the user’s directory or in the source or the build folder.


The cache is stored server-side.


Hi @michael-brade,

You can think of the cache as a compiler cache, if you change something that would require recompilation, then it would require reanalysis: a cache miss.

For example, if by changing the build folder, you modified a header that is included or the build configuration, it would explain the cache miss. If you would like to understand it more, we print in the debug log the reason behind every cache miss.



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