Sonarqube doesn't show the plugin list

I am trying to run the latest version with java 17, but the plugin list appears empty when looking to install a plugin at http://localhost/admin/marketplace. Even if I type something , eg: CVS, it doesnt find anything. If I use exactly the same configuration but with version` it works perfectly.
Am I missing something ? The doc page for 9.9 is not already available and I can not check if there are some changes for this version.

Hey there.

This should be fixed as of this morning we deployed SonarQube v9.9 in the Update Center. Can you check again – it’s working for me as of a few minutes ago.

Hi Colin,
Thanks for the update. I am sorry but I am not very familiar with the sonarqube development workflow.
Does this mean that a new 9.9.x release will be tagged here ?

Hey there.

We just had to publish some metadata to get the list of plugins working. No updates on the SonarQube side.

Now it worked.

Thanks you very much.