SonarQube 9.7.1 released

Hi All,

SonarSource is pleased to inform you of the release of SonarQube 9.7.1, which fixes a bug related to SAML groups.

Release notes are here. Please open new threads for any questions you have.

As usual, download is available at Docker images should be available soon on Docker Hub.

Chris & Vivek

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Hey, is it possible to fix a vulnerability caused by one of the dependencies within the Docker image? Docker Hub (see more on that here Security Advisory: CVE-2022-42889 “Text4Shell” — Docker)

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Hello. Is there any release date approximation for the next LTS (version 9.y.x)?

Q1 2023 – but stay tuned for more info soon :wink:

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Hey @bontor

Take a look here!