Sonarlint suggestions seem to clash with built in analyzers

It seems when I have Sonarlint running sometimes rules that work for a single item don’t work properly. I believe this is a conflict with the built in visual studio analyzers.

An example is when there are multiple ‘this’ qualifications. If I select just the one item it works. If I select Document wide, it says no changes. If I remove sonarlint it works as expected.

I also notice that sometimes both sets of analyzers will suggest the same thing (with the message being slightly different).

hi @Mike_Cheel and welcome to our community!

could you please tell us the

  • version of Visual Studio
  • version of SonarLint

that you are using?

Also, it is not clear what your problem is. Could you provide a reproducer (a snippet of code), saying what you would expect and what the actual behavior of SonarLint is?

Could you please let us know which rules are overlapping in that case?