Sonarlint stops commits and pushes from working

Template for a good bug report, formatted with Markdown:

  • versions used (SonarQube, Scanner, Plugin, and any relevant extension): Sonarlint, Pycharm 212.4746.96
  • error observed (wrap logs/code around triple quote ``` for proper formatting)
    when there are sonar-lint errors in some typescript, and try to commit and push changes, then sonar-lint will warn and you select commit anyway. the process completes but hasn’t actually committed or pushed. It is not every time, but arbitrarily works or fails.
  • steps to reproduce
  • potential workaround
    turn off sonar lint plugin, restart Pycharm, commit and push works.

P.S.: use the #bug:fault sub-category if you’re hitting a specific crash/error , or the #bug:fp sub-category for rules-related behaviour