SonarLint rules not matching SonarQube - squid:RedundantThrowsDeclarationCheck


We’re using SonarLint (with Rational Application Developer (believe this is the lastest version of SonarLint that works with this) and SonarQube

We’ve seen an issue where SonarQube is reporting :

protected void doExecuteCalcPromotions() throws RemoteException, CreateException, FinderException, NamingException, ECException {

Remove the redundant ‘!unknownSymbol!’ thrown exception declaration(s).

  • L985
  • Code Smell
  • Minor
  • clumsy, error-handling, redundant, unused

We do not see this reported by SonarLint despite it being connected to the server and showing that the same rule is enabled:

Surely the rules should be identical?


Can you look at the version of SonarJava in your SonarQube server? One easy way is to call the WS <your SQ server>/api/plugins/installed

Thanks for the reply. Sorry for the delay in responding i’ve been on vacation.

I’ve attached the information.SQ_version.txt (14.7 KB)

For the record, the version of SonarJava on your server is

But I missed one important information from your first thread: if you are using connected mode, the rules configuration is not coming from SonarLint preferences (the screenshot you shown), but from the server quality profile.

Still the !unknownSymbol! in the rule message make me think something fishy is happening in the analyser. Maybe you could try to:

  • unbind your project t see if the same issue is reported by SonarLint in standalone mode
  • update SonarJava plugin on your server (latest version is