SonarLint not working with react-scripts v4.0.1

Template for a good bug report, formatted with Markdown:

  • Versions used: SonarLint - v1.19.0
  • Error observed: No output in the problem tab in vscode
  • Steps to reproduce: create a project with cra (latest react-scripts v4.0.1) and it’s not showing any issue in output tab in vscode however when we change tsconfig.json -> compilerOptions -> jsx -> react instead of react-jsx it start working again. But whenever we start the project the property automatically get updated to react-jsx;
  • Potential workaround: NA

@JBL_SonarSource do you mind taking a look?

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Hello @suyash-kale,

we don’t support these options yet - we plan to add it soon (mid February). Here is a ticket you can follow

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Thanks a lot for you quick support;

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