SonarLint in XCode for Swift

Hi, Is there any recommended way to run SonarLint locally in XCode for Swift language?

Thanks in advance

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Hi @DNair,

SonarLint is not available for Xcode. You can analyze your code using SonarCloud or SonarQube.


Thanks for the reply.

Can you please suggest any counterpart for Sonarlint in Xcode which is compatible with SonarQube.
In my organisation we have a central SonarQube server and the scanning is a part of build pipeline along with code merge.
My requirement is to have a local scanner which generate reports that is matching with the SonarQube scanner results before I push my changes to remote.


Hi @DNair,

unfortunately swift is not supported by any SonarLint IDE integration. If your workflow foresee pull-requests you can setup pull-requests analysis to spot issues before they get into master branch.

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What about running sonar-scanner during iOS build? Can we run the scan locally in a branch?

Hi @DNair,

of course you can analyze locally if you wish.

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Are there any plans to add an integration to Xcode in the future?
Apple being somewhat “closed”, is it even possible? :thinking:

Hi @d4Rk ,

no, there are no plans.

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