Sonarlint for NetBeans

Do you know of any sonarlint plugin for netbeans ?, does not consider building for netbeans users?

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I confirm that SonarSource does not provide a SonarLint flavor for NetBeans at the moment, and it’s currently not on our roadmap. I’m afraid I don’t know if there exists such project in the community. If somebody wants to create it, a good starting point is the sonarlint-core project shared by all currently supported flavors, and the source code of the existing flavors, especially sonarlint-eclipse and sonarlint-intellij.

The closest thing to a sonnarlint-core implementation on NetBeans at the community is the plugin radar-netbeans, there’s already an issue asking for a sonnar-lint implementation here.

@janos, is there any plans to include sonarlint-netbeans to your roadmap?

Also, current support for sonnarlint-intellij and sonarlint-eclipse is done by you guys?

I confirm that as of today an integration with NetBeans is still not on the roadmap. Yet.

An update:

Today I realized that this year two projects started working on the subject:


The first one is from the same creator of radar-netbeans which I mentioned on the previous comment and it seems to be a lot more actively updated (current active pull requests are from today).

Moving this thread to “Suggest new feature” so that people can vote for it.

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