SonarLint for Eclipse

We are planning to use SonarLint plugin for Eclipse connecting to the centralized SonarQube Community Edition Server. What are the things that need to be considered if more than 200 developers going to use this plugin connecting to the same server? (concurrency, server configuration, delay in response while coding etc…)

Hi @hari1,

Using SonarLint connected mode mean that configuration from the SonarQube server will be fetched and stored in a local storage (analyzers, rules, quality profiles, settings, issues status).
Once this storage is populated, analyses are executed locally on the developer box. The server is no more involved.
So the load on the server is pretty limited. Only the (manual) action of refreshing the local storage (called “update all project bindings”) may take some time, and possibly put some load on the server, if all developers in the company trigger it at the same time.

We received very few feedback about performance issues of connected mode, and it was for very big projects having tons of issues.

Thank you @Julien_HENRY for providing the details. This helps us to make the decision.