SonarLint and SonarQube integration in VS2019

Hi team,
Have looked here: Failing to connect to SonarQube server from Visual Studio 2019: Invalid credentials

and tried the suggested solution but it still fails to connect via either username/password or just token without password. Are there more extensive logs I can view? It’s probably a firewall or network issue but will need some more info to pass on to our network engineers.

Visual studio 2019 16.8.2
Sonarqube Developer Edition
SonarLint 4.33.02855![sonarqube|690x316]

Hi @Andrew

SonarLint doesn’t log anything more detailed than that. However, you can use the Windows Schannel events and the Windows Event Viewer to see what’s happening at a lower level. This StackOverflow answer has links to a couple of useful MS docs.

Thanks. Looks like the Integration is trying to connect sonarLint on my Dev VM via TLS 1.0 to the sonarQube sever. Any idea where I can change this value to use TLS 1.2?

SonarLint doesn’t choose the protocol to use; it leaves it to the OS as suggested in the MS docs.

This MS doc describes how to configure a client to use TLS 1.2. A quick look at the doc suggests it depends on the OS and .NET Framework versions on the machine, with support for TLS 1.2 being on by default in newer OSes.

On my machine, SLVS in VS2019 is using TLS 1.2 to talk to SonarCloud. I didn’t configure anything specific to make it happen.

Mine is on. It’s windows server 2016. Will keep digging.

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