SonarLint analysis failed: Unable to load component class org.sonarsource.sonarlint.core.analyzer.sensor.SensorExecutor

Absolutely, email? or is there a way to do that on this forum?

Nvm. I see your private message.

@dschnare I finally managed to understand the issue. This is a problem of case insensitivity of Windows file system. In the local storage, we are writing quality profiles in files having the quality profile uuid as filename. This is a problem for case insensitive FS if some uuids only differ by the case. For example:

I will create a ticket and work on a fix. Thanks for helping me understanding the root cause.

Ah. I don’t know how many times file name case sensitivity has bitten us too. Thanks for your help. I’ll wait for the fix.

I was struggling with the exact same issue this morning. I tried a lot until i saw the plugin could not delete a file in the tmp folder. As i’m still forced to work with windows 7 i let my colleague try it out who has windows 10. He had the same issue.
And then i found this forum post.
My next laptop will have a proper os, i promise, but i can’t speak for my colleagues.
I hope you guys can fix this asap. :wink:

FYI all SonarLint flavors (except Visual Studio) are affected.
I have created a tickets:

Seeing as this affects all IDEs across all OSX and Linux operating systems, is this going to be prioritized? hate to say it but this is the major selling feature of SonarCloud for our team.

This is a Windows only issue except if I missed something.

I’m running on OSX, a case sensitive OS. I suspect all case sensitive OSs are going to be affected by this issue.

Are you sure you are not confusing “case sensitive” and “case preserving” FS?

Still I will have a look at your storage (please give me access).

Julien - I am the one that originally created the issue and I too am running OSX so it does not appear to be limited to Windows machines.

Ah yes. I’ve double checked my file system and it’s case insensitive. My bad. So then this is an issue for all case preserving OSs, like OSX.

For what it’s worth my filesystem is APFS encrypted and is case insensitive. OSX Mojave 10.14.5 (18F132).

So yes, to sum up, we were both wrong: the issue affect all case insensitive filesystems (case preserving is not enough). I will update the ticket.

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Hi @dschnare and others,

Here is an attempt to fix the bug on VSCode. I would be grateful if you could test this artifact and report any issue:

I can easily provide build of other SonarLint flavors if someone else want to test.


I am available to test Intellij Ultimate if needed…

@romack here is a build:


Ran without issues. Scanned my source file in the IDE.

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Hi @Julien_HENRY, I’m seeing the same issue using the SonarLint plugin with Android Studio. Did the fix you provided also get applied to that plugin? Thanks

Hi @rmatze,

Android Studio is an IntelliJ flavor, so yes you can try the custom build ( to see if that fix your issue.