SonarEnterprise : Scan of C with error on wrapper


We have deploy our SonarEnterprise (Version installed from zip.
Before this, we use the community Edition (on another server) to scan our project.
To launch the scan, we used a freestyle project on Jenkins with the option :" launch a scan with sonarqube scanner" (plugin SonarQube scanner for Jenkins 2.15)

When we try to scan C code, we use this configuration :

When we analyse on community edition, it’s works (with plugins Cxx).
The same job on the server Sonar Entreprise, we have this error :
java.lang.IllegalStateException: java.nio.file.NoSuchFileException: /paht/to/specific/folder/build_wrapper_output_directory/build-wrapper-dump.json

I try severals configuration but I don’t succes to find the good one.
Thx for your help.


Welcome to the community and congrats on your upgrade!

I guess C++ analysis works a bit differently in commercial editions than it does with the community plugin.

Did you actually prefix your build command with the build-wrapper?

On a side note,

I recommend you remove this and allow analysis to multi-thread for faster completion.

This does nothing. Analysis is multi-language by default. If you’re having trouble with your files not being recognized as the language you expect, then you should tune the languages’ file suffixes (Project Settings → General Settings → Languages → C / C++ / Objective-C)

That’s the property for the community plugin. The name changes with paid analysis. :smiley: