SonarCloud website not usable in Safari

Currently the SonarCloud website is pretty unusable in Safari. Pages that are stuck in infinite loading:

  • Overview
  • Summary
  • Measures

Hey there.

I can’t reproduce this on my end. Have you tried clearing your browser data / cache?

I’ve cleared cache, restarted the computer a few times and this has been an ongoing issue for a few months now.

My account has my companies open source projects and another companies repositories that use SSO in GitHub side. All of the repositories suffer from the same issue.

Safari 15.5 (17613.
macOS 12.4
MacBook Pro 16-inch 2021 model, M1 Max chip

Can you link to one of the open source projects where you face the issue?

That would be one of them.

I’m still not facing the issue on this project:

Do you see any errors in the web development console?

Ah, found the problem. Ghostery has the basic rule of asking of consent for not blocking content, but for some reason it would not ask for permission. Had to manually go in to give permission to sonar cloud website.

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