SonarCloud Webook Double POST

Hello everyone,

I work for a development company, and we utilize SonarCloud to analyze and keep track of our code smells/bugs/etc. to improve our code quality.

Recently, within the past couple of weeks, we’ve been experiencing an issue where SonarCloud will double post the same exact data twice in a row to our webhook. Our webhook is an Azure function that updates small devices within our workspace. Therefore, the double post has been causing these devices to malfunction.

I ensured that I only have ONE webhook configured. It is happening all of our analysis projects.

Here is an image of the logs:

Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Is there a SonarCloud representative that I can speak to so we can figure out the source of this issue?

Thank you.

Hi Jon,

webhooks can be configured at project level and/or at organization level. An explanation of what you experience is that this webhook was configured at organization level and at project level. Can you double-check this?