Sonarcloud stop reporting findings

Hi Sonarcloud Community,

Within our organisation different applications are using Sonarcloud and Azure DevOps to analyze and report findings, basically they are using Sonarcloud ADO tasks for that:

  • SonarCloudPrepare@1
  • SonarCloudAnalyze@1
  • SonarCloudPublish@1

One one of those applications (written using .NET) has a monorepo setup with lots of projects that are being analyzed… it was working fine for months but for somewhat reason Sonarcloud “stopped” working in that project not detecting any findings when actually there were a lot of unused imports that should have been detected… after weeks and all of a sudden it started working again with no changes from our side.

As a side note we have only seen this behavior in that application repository, the rest of the applications that are using Sonarcloud didn’t report any issues, but it’s true that they are small applications (three or four projects within their repository)

Have you ever seen this behavior with that setup? Sonarcloud → ADO → monorepo with different projects inside being analyzed.

Thanks in advance.


Hey there.

Probably the best time to debug why this happened would have been when 0 findings were being reported!

For a .NET solution, sometimes if you aren’t doing a clean build (dotnet --no-incremental or MsBuild.exe /t:Rebuild) you can get an incomplete analysis. The problem might “fix” itself should the build directory get deleted/cleaned up.

Hi Colin,

Many thanks for your response, it makes sense to me… as I mentioned it’s the only project that is showing that behavior, it’s quite odd!

I will check that with the Developer team.

Best regards