SonarCloud scan from cant reach server once in a while

We have SonarCloud scans connected from
After adding a couple of projects they did scan successfully.
The success went through on a Shared Runner AND a Group Runner from GitLab.

Then randomly some would fail, some would succeed to do the scan. The message is always,
ERROR: SonarQube server [http://localhost:9000] can not be reached

Why would it show localhost if it should point to the

I do have the file with the default settings as provided in the project scan set up.
And we are using the gitlab-ci values for the “Other” project base.

More or less its odd that it works and fails once in a while, if the set up doesnt change.

This can happen if the host setting is not visible somehow. We’ve seen a similar case of this recently, you may find useful clues in this other thread. If not, please let us know how the host is configured.

I’m not sure that means exactly, can you please clarify? The content of the file with private details masked could be useful too.

I’d say very very odd. Do you have a rough idea of the percentage of such failure over successes?