SonarCloud refers to 101.32% of code

On one of our projects, SonarCloud suggests not to use the Automatic Analysis method, because:

101.32% of your code is in languages unsupported by Automatic Analysis

101.32% Lines of Code will be ignored
(Java, Dockerfile, Shell files)

The above information is shown when hovering the mouse over the question mark icon in between the “Not recommended” label and the “Recheck compatibility” button.


Hi Ernst,

I will take a look at this, could you please provide me the project key? Let me know if you want to share the information in private, I will start a private channel with you.



Hi @nolwenn.cadic – I am OK to share it via a private channel.

It’s not reproducible anymore.

This issue comes from a bug fixed about a month ago.
Wrong percentage will still be visible for project imported before the code fix.
For project impacted, user can simply click on “Recheck compatibility” to update the percentage. Deleting project and reimporting it will also fix wrong percentages.


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