SonarCloud plugin for Bitbucket not listing sonarcloud projects that start with a specific string

Product: SonarCloud plugin for Bitbucket cloud
Repository Platform: Bitbucket Cloud
Observed behavior / Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create bitbucket repos: test, tax-test
  2. Create sonarcloud projects: test, tax-test
  3. Log into Bitbucket with an admin account
  4. Log into SonarCloud via Bitbucket. The SonarCloud account has admin permissions.
  5. Link Bitbucket and SonarCloud
  6. Open repo settings for either repo test or tax-test, go the repository settings, SonarCloud. Try to link to sonarcloud projects by typing “test”. Only “test” project is listed, while “tax-test” is not.

It seems as if the SonarCloud plugin for Bitbucket blocks all sonarcloud projects with names that start with tax*.
Reproduceability: always

It seems that you are creating projects manually on SonarCloud side, rather than using the recommended path of importing an organization and selecting projects. When taking the recommended path, you would not need to do anything in the repository settings on Bitbucket side, so I think you would not experience this problem. Would that be an option for you?

As for the bug… The plugin on Bitbucket side makes a request to get the list of your SonarCloud projects:

Bitbucket can only show matching projects from what is returned by this API call. Please open that page and see if you can find there the project you want to import. Let us know what happens, and we can continue from there.