SonarCloud .NET build going from 2-3 minutes for a build to just under 23 minutes

I have been trying to find ways to improve performance, we went from 2-3 minutes for a build to just under 23 minutes with SonarCloud. Using the above recommended setting I’m down to 18 minutes, but still trying to get way better than that if I can.

Hello @mitchelsellers

Thanks a lot for the feedback.

You can read some advice in the The Sonar guide for investigating the performance of .NET analysis

I’d suggest to make sure:

And to increase the number of CPUs:

Also, if you want to help us identify anomalies in rule performance, please share with us the diagnostic reports as specified in the guide:

Thanks a lot in helping us make the products better!

@Andrei_Epure thank you for the response, a few notes from my side.

  • We are using GitHub actions, so without creating a custom runner, we don’t have any ability to increase the resources. And honestly this is a smaller project (similar results with other projects)
  • We are for sure only running the build once
  • What is the best way to send you a log?

Hi @mitchelsellers , sent you a private message (accessible via

Fair point… Let’s have a look at the logs, maybe I can give advice based on that.