SonarCloud evaluating explicitly ignored files

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  • ALM used: Github
  • CI system used: Automatic O.o
  • Scanner command used when applicable: Automated
  • Languages of the repository: Golang
  • Error observed: Soundcloud still evaluating quality of _test.go files even though they’re excluded in my file
  • Add new tests (*_test.go) (Excluded by sonar.execlusions=pkg/**/*,.vscode/**/*,**/*_test.go)

So I’ve only ever used SonarQube on premesis or in AWS previously with a CI manager running the actual code evaluation and pushing the results to a public instance. With SonarCloud, everything was very much…automagic, so I’m not sure if there’s a small piece I’m missing, such as they keys for the properties files are different etc.

Hi. There’s a typo:

It should be sonar.exclusions :wink:

Hah! Figured it’d be something like that haha. Thanks!