SonarCloud doesn't evaluate updated code and reopens the fixed defects

SonarCloud doesn’t evaluate updated code and reopens the fixed defects:

  • ALM used : Azure DevOps
  • CI system used : Azure DevOps
  • Languages of the repository: C#, TypeScript, HTML
  • Issue observed : We have fixed couple of defects identified by SonarCloud but these defects are reopened by SonarCloud tool on the next run, its happening every time the tool executes, now ‘reopened’ defect counts have increased to 350+ and start accumulating or adding to count for every run. We observed that its not taking the updated code (latest version) but keeps evaluating the old version of codes.
  • Steps to reproduce: Source Code checked-in to repository for a defect raised by SonarCloud, marked as fixed in the SonarCloud portal. On the next run, status updated as “Reopened” by SonarCloud.

Hi @Dhana welcome to the community.

What is your CI config ? Are you trying to analyze the default branch of your repo, a pull request, another branch ?

How did you set your new code period ?