SonarCloud does not scan my whole code

I am a paid customer of SonarCloud.

I cannot understand why SonarCloud isn’t scanning my whole code:

On (2) I see that there are 4,220 lines of code.

However, in (1) I see only 434 lines of code for “Overall Code”. Why is there this difference?

Hi @SilvanMuhlemann

To investigate this issue, we’ll need the full sonar scanner logs (including the background task IDs, logged at the very end)

Let us know, if you’re not comfortable with sharing this information here, we can contact you via private message then.


Hi Anita.

I am replying now because we’re experiencing this issue also on other projects. And I wanted to show the result in today’s team meeting, but I couldn’t due to the wrong data.

So, I gathered the full logs:
raw.txt (1.4 MB)

Currently, SonarCloud only counts 533 lines of code.

However, there are clearly more lines of code. As you can see here, it ignores most directories:

It would be great to understand the reason.

Thanks for your help.


hi @SilvanMuhlemann,

sorry for the delayed reply. I will try to help you to investigate the issue. Would it be possible for you to share your tsconfig.json file(s)? Do they use extends feature?



Hi @saberduck

Sorry, but I somehow I did not get notified on this answer.

My tsconfig.json looks like this:

  "extends": "./.nuxt/tsconfig.json",
  "compilerOptions": {
    "types": [

It would be great if we could resolve this issue until May 10th because then I have to present the results of the SonarCloud analysis.

Hi @saberduck , any chance to get an answer on my issue?

Thank you.

@saberduck , @anita.stanisz , how can I get help on this issue?

Hi Silvain,

Is file ./.nuxt/tsconfig.json available during the analysis? Is it installed as part of dependencies from package.json? File should be available for the analysis to succeed

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