SonarCloud, Azure DevOps Pull Requests - lots of duplicate "quality gate" tags

We are using SonarCloud extension for Azure DevOps.

We have successfully setup Branch & Status policies to run whenever we do a Pull Request.
Functionally, everything works great.

But if a PR fails due to SonarCloud quality gate, and has to fix, the PR gets tagged with LOTS of duplicate “codecoverage” and “qualitygate” tags.

Seems like a bug in the extension… I can’t find anywhere in Azure DevOps where I can control these tags.

Hi @dbJones,

Given the documentation of the extension you are using ( it says that it displays all the statuses that have been set during the life cycle of the Pull Request, so basically each time that a build is triggered with a fix or anything else, something is written as a status, and then displayed (and for us, the quality gate is evaluated during each build if SonarCloud is configured, and more specifically the quality gate status is reported in the PR if selected as a branch policy).

We can’t unfortunately control the behavior of this plugin, as for us, we only display quality gate status in the built-in Pull request summary page.


Ah, looks like others have already filed a bug report with that plugin

Appreciate the clarification!

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